Here's What the Doctors Say:

"Lyprinol(r) is the most powerful anti-inflammatory marine oil available at present. Its anti-inflammatory pain relieving action is superior to conventional pharmaceuticals, vegetable-based omega-3 oils and other fish oils"
Georges M. Halpern, M.D., Ph.D, Excerpted from: Lyprinol, A Natural Solution for Arthritis and Other Inflammatory Disorders

"Like omega-3 fatty acids, Lyprinol(r) works on a similar basis but is remarkably more potent than any existing natural product."
Professor Robert Borland, Former Dean, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology

Here's What the People Say:

"After two weeks, I had a 70% decrease in the "achy" pain! The more debilitating stabbing pain decreased in intensity by 50% and in frequency by 60%... a better quality of life that I did not have before taking Lyprinol."
- John, an Arthritis sufferer for ten years - with Fibromyalgia for four years

"Lyprinol(r) has been a gift from heaven for me. I continue to see improvement every day."
- Therese, 63 years young, stronger and healthier than she was at 24, taking early morning walks for the first time in 10 years!

82 & Still Climbing!
"Last November I climbed Mount Whitney, but for the next two weeks I could hardly walk... Since I started Lyprinol(r), Jean and I planned another 800 foot climb. But I felt no discomfort, so I pushed on another 200 feet, my highest climb since my original injury. And today I feel no after-effects!"
- Myron, at 82 years of age has found significant knee relief, and is looking forward to another climb with family and friends.

90% of Stiffness Gone!
"I have been able to eliminate about 90% of any stiffness resulting from activities such as weight lifting, roller blading, hiking, cycling, swimming, and other activities."

- John, a 56 year old exercise physiologist and nutritionist, "My hat's off to your product."