Discover the amazing secret of the native Maori fishermen who NEVER suffer from arthritis.

If nothing else has worked in your fight against joint pain and inflammation, and you don't know where to turn next, then take 2 minutes to read this...

Dear Joint Pain Sufferer,

"My fingers are so painful, I can barely tie my shoelaces..."

"Every time I go to stand up, my knees scream in agony..."

"My arthritis is so bad, I can't even play with my grandchildren for five minutes..."

Sound familiar? Well you're not alone...

Over two million people in the UK suffer from frustrating and all-consuming joint pain. It's always there, eating away at your joints, making it almost impossible to enjoy a normal life. Your work suffers, your family life suffers, and those years of depression, tiredness and frustration and pain can lead to a life of misery.

In fact, the situation can become so desperate, people will take dangerous, damaging steroids and even resort to operation after operation to try and ease the pain.

But what your doctor might not have told you (because he might not even know) is it doesn't have to be this way. Right now, there's a powerful alternative. One you can try with results "GUARANTEED or your money back", so you can see first-hand if this will work for you.


Let me explain...

"How a small group of native fishermen could end the
misery of inflammation and joint pain forever!"

At first glance, the communities huddled in this part of the New Zealand coast seem pretty unexceptional...

Nothing much happens in these towns. The people there lead simple lives. They don't seem to do anything different from you and me... and yet the rate of arthritis amongst these people is practically ZERO!

For years this absence of arthritis had Western doctors and scientists baffled. At first they thought that these native Maoris had some natural immunity to arthritis, but when they looked at the Maoris who lived inland, they discovered they had the same levels of arthritis as Europeans.

So what could it be? What could be making these fishing communities virtually immune to the ravaging effects of arthritis?

Well, the answer lies beneath the waves...

"Introducing the green-lipped muscle - the 'miracle of the sea' that can flush joint pain straight out of your body!"

Remember when you were young and were forced to take a spoonful of cod liver oil because it was good for you...?

Well, that wasn't down to some old wives' tale. Fish oils have been proven to be part of an essential part of a healthy diet for years - especially when it comes to fighting arthritis.

But it's not as simple as that...

You see, not all fish oils are equal. Some are far more powerful and beneficial then others.

And hidden beneath the waves of New Zealand lies the green-lipped mussel - a miracle of nature that contains the most powerful, concentrated fish oils ever discovered! And that, in turn, makes it one of the most potent forces of nature against inflammation and joint pain.

So what makes the green-lipped mussel so powerful as a natural pain reliever?
Well, it's all down to the food it eats...

"How the sun's rays have created the most powerful
anti-inflammatory remedy in the world..."

The plankton found of the coast of New Zealand is packed with antioxidants because of the amount of sunlight that falls upon the waters where they live. The sun's rays are unusually intense round here and, in order to survive, the plankton have evolved to protect themselves from high levels of ultra-violet light.

In short, these plankton are born to fight against extremely high levels of radiation. And they do this by producing a mind-boggling level of antioxidants, which the green-lipped mussels gobble up day and night.

Once the plankton is digested, the green-lipped mussel produces an extremely powerful anti-inflammatory compound that seems to fight arthritis like no other substance on earth.

In fact it's SO powerful, it's practically wiped out the misery of joint pain wherever the green-lipped mussel is eaten. And it's no wonder. Just take a look at this...
The oils in green-lipped mussels are:

In fact, every study that's been made shows that the oil extract from the green-lipped mussel is the most effective way to reduce arthritis symptoms and inflammation.

To see the studies about green lipped mussels, click here

Now you have the chance to discover just how powerful and effective this is yourself, because the highest quality green-lipped mussel extract is now available here in the UK and ready for you to try - risk-free!

It's called Lyprinol - a patented, pure, natural source of green-mussel extract that's amazing doctors and scientists worldwide. Unlike other food supplements which can cause allergies and food intolerances, Lyprinol has no side effects, and is extracted to remove all components of the mussel. This means it won't leave a fishy taste or smell in your mouth either!

"A natural treatment for ASTHMA, too!"

Some recent research indicates that the Omega-3 fatty acids you get in Lyprinol may provide nutritional support against fatty acid imbalance... which can result in excess inflammation. As a result, it is thought that Lyprinol can help to maintain healthy airways. This means it could be a great aid in helping to control asthma symptoms.

Take a look at this for more details on lyprinol's effect on asthma.

But the best thing about Lyprinol is how pure it is...

Stronger than most fish oils - and none of the horrible side efefcts

Lyprinol has been shown to be purer and more concentrated than other fish oils - and thanks to a patented extraction process, it protects and stabilises the vital acids so that you benefit from the full power of the green-lipped mussel.

It doesn't have the side effects you get with other fish oil which include: fishy breath... upset stomach and greasy stools. Other side effects of ordinary fish oils can also include an increase in the harmful form of LDL cholesterol. Lyprinol is free of these problems.

And here's a vital point -Lyprinol ONLY contains extract from the New Zealand green-lipped mussel, unlike some other extracts.

Which means from Day 1, you'll be fighting your arthritis symptoms with exactly the same extract that's protected thousands of Maoris from joint pain and inflammation for centuries!

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"How fast will Lyprinol work for you?"

Imagine waking up, tentatively stretching your legs and discovering that all your pain has gone.

Imagine being able to walk downstairs without the slightest complaint from your joints, imagine being able to go to work or go to the shops without your body feeling like it's on fire.

In fact, imagine all the stiffness and pain caused by your arthritis gone - and gone for good, not hidden under some dangerous prescription drug.

Well that's the reality you're looking at right now, because now you can get Lyprinol delivered straight to your home.

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Lyprinol is something that anyone who suffers from arthritis simply has to try, because it could be the ONE breakthrough you've been waiting for.

But the only way you're going to believe me is when you feel the effects of the green-lipped mussel yourself.

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I'm here to help you, not take your money - so if you don't think this breakthrough will help you in your fight against arthritis pain, simply send back any unused Lyprinol tablets within 30 days and I'll refund you every penny.

That's a promise.

What's important is that you get yours hands on this breakthrough remedy and discover the full power of the green-lipped mussel. If there's any chance this could help ease your pain, you owe yourself that much.

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Yours truly,

Barbara Wilson

Margaret Johnson

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